Growing pea shoots - a guide

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Sorry for not posting in a while, I've been busy with work as deadlines for university papers are looming. This post will hopefully make up for my absence.

Growing your own vegetables can be a challenge when living in a small apartment as you're pretty much restricted by the amount of space and sunlight provided by your windows or balcony. Since  bigger veggies take up a lot of space and I find it easier to grow herbs, shoots and sprouts. This post will go through and explain the process of growing your own pea shoots. I am aware pea shoots are readily available at grocery stores but they are pretty expensive in comparison to the dried peas  you can use when growing your own pea shoots. Plus it's kind of fun to watch them grow and it really isn't that complicated!

Preparations are simple; just make sure to get some dried peas, soil and a container to grow your shoots in. The container doesn't need to be very deep, I think mine was about 5-7 cm (roughly 2-3 inches). Anything goes when it comes to the container, I actually went to my local grocery store and asked if I could get some of the cardboard boxes they where throwing away (if you use cardboard make sure to put something underneath it as the water may leak through). After you have collected all the things you need this is how you grow your own pea shoots:

Lets start - pea shoot growing 101

  • Soak your peas by putting your dried peas in a bowl with water and leaving it in room temperature for around 8-12 hours.
  • Rinse and drain thoroughly. Put in a bowl of some kind to pre-sprout the peas. Twice a day you will repeat the rinsing and draining process. After two days your peas will look something like mine does here with a little tail. You have now successfully sprouted the peas! 

  • Next, put about 3 cm soil in your container and spread the sprouted peas in an even layer on top. As your intent isn't to grow fully developed pea-plants but rather sprouts it doesn't matter if the peas aren't that distanced from each other. After spreading your peas on top of the soil in your container, add some more soil to cover them. Water and put a cover on top of the whole thing to block out sunlight but not air. I used another cardboard box, flipped over and placed it so that air would get in. 
  • After a few days your pea shoots should be emerging. This is what my pea shoots looked like after a couple of days. 

  • Next step! Take the cover off and put the pea shoots in sunlight. From this point on they will basically take care of themselves. Just make sure the soil doesn't dry out and you're good to go. After a couple of days your shoots will look something like this.

  • When your pea shoots look something like the first picture in this blog post you can harvest by cutting the plants using scissors (and feel accomplished!). The shoots should be about 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) tall at this point.Well done, go make something delicious! If you don't use them all at one time you can refrigerate the crop in a plastic bag, just make sure to let them dry on a paper towel beforehand.

Do you grow any veggies inside your apartment? Do tell!

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  1. jag har sått squash, salladskrasse, padron, timjan och basilika i små drivhus. älskar känslan när de små groddarna börjar titta fram! din guide var superomfattande och bra, så det första jag ska göra imorgon är att gå och köpa ärtor.

    1. Åh, jag önskar att jag hade plats för squash! Vad spännande Padron lät, har jag aldrig testat faktiskt, vad gör du med dem? Tack, du får återkomma med resultat :)