Argan oil: my two cents

As argan oil has been a huge trend in skin- and haircare products for a few years I wanted to put in my two cents when it comes to this magnificent oil. Before I review my favorite oil I'm going to talk about argan oil in general and give some advice on buying it. 

Argan oil is an oil produced by hand from the kernels of the argan fruit. The trees are very rare as they only grow in few specific regions - Morocco being one of them (hence the brand name Moroccan oil). Just as a side note: goats LOVE the argan fruit and climb the trees to get to them, here is a picture of the whole hilarious thing:

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Argan oil has a rich blend of fatty acids (over 70% oleic and linoleic acids) and a high level of vitamin E, phenols and carotenes. The oil is lightweight, non-irritating and non-comedogenic meaning it will suit most skin types, even those prone to acne and oiliness. I would suggest using the oil either on top of your regular moisturizer or mixed in with it.

Not all argan oil is created equally. My experience with differently priced argan oil-products is that you get what you pay for. I've tried less expensive alternatives and even though they where organic and 100% pure they still could not compare to my favorite more expensive one.

Here is some advice that may be helpful when looking for a good quality oil:
  • Always read the ingredient list so as to not buy something that contains a minuscule amount of argan oil as many brands claim to use argan oil in their product and then put in the smallest amount possible (hint - Moroccan oil). Look for an oil that says "100% argan oil" or 100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil". 
  • If you are in store, try and smell the oil as this is a good indicator of the quality. Strong-smelling argan oil has most probably gone rancid. If the oil has a  strong smell, given you are buying a 100% argan oil, be wary of buying it. Having said that you should be equally wary of an oil with no smell whatsoever. The real deal smells kind of nutty.
  • Look at the bottle, it shouldn't be clear glass or plastic. Argan oil can go bad if stored in sunlight and should always come in a dark colored glass bottles.
  • As I mentioned above, the price is a good indicator, argan oil is a labour intensive oil to produce and it should be reflected in the price tag.

I will be reviewing my favorite argan oil in an upcoming post, but for now I hope this post is helpful and please feel free to ask me anything!

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