Cold Brewing Coffee 101

This summer I was totally obsessing over cold brew coffee. It is super delicious and cooling in the hot summer months and really easy to make! The only drawback I can think of is that it takes at least 14 hours to brew so you have to plan ahead. The taste is less acidic than normal coffee so if you're not normally a coffee drinker (then we can't be friends) try it out and come back to me. Oh, and try making some coffee ice cubes as well, that way your coffee won't get watered down.

Easy Cold Brew Coffee:

I usually just guesstimate the amounts of coffee and water but for my lovely readers sake I found a recipe. It calls for 4 1/2 oz coffee grounds (about 1,3 dl) to 3 1/2 cups water (8,3 dl). This seems to be a good ratio in my opinion, try it and let me know. The coffee grounds should preferably be freshly ground, I grind my coffee beans at home and avoid pre-ground kinds.

Step 1. Place the coffee grounds in a french press or a pitcher, my french press holds about 1 liter which roughly translates to 1 us quart but you can use any size container you want and adjust the amount of coffee grounds accordingly. I use a bit more grounds than I would when making coffee with hot water, so keep that in mind when using this technique. Add cool water, stir, cover with a lid or plastic wrap and place in room temperature for at least 12 hours and up to a full day.

Step 2. When the time has come for the coffee to be strained you either just press down if using a french press or pour it trough a coffee filter over a bowl if using a pitcher. Transfer your liquid into a new pitcher, cover and place in fridge to cool for at least 2 hours. (Why not make some coffee ice cubes while you're at it?)

Step 3. When the coffee has been chilled thoroughly and it is time to serve you have several options. You can be hardcore and drink the concentrate as is (like me), mix it to your liking with milk, almond milk, cream or water, add a sweetener like simple syrup. Liquor - whatever floats your boat!

If you try making this - let me know how you like it!

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  1. Ska testa så snart jag får en riktig kyl!!!

  2. Låter spännande!
    Rebecca, har du ingen kyl? :)